Friday, July 29, 2011

Fried Rice (for camping)

Yesterday I shared my Carne Asada Quesadilla recipe with you, today comes my Fried Rice, for camping.

When I make Fried Rice at home I'm able to be more creative with it. For camping, in the interest of preperation ease and packing space I opted for a simplier version.

Fried Rice (for camping)
about a cup of leftover meat or chicken, give or take
1 package of pre-sliced mushrooms
small handful of green onions (chopped before I left home)
cooked rice (I cooked 1&1/2 cups of rice before we left home)
2 eggs
soy sauce
peanut oil
For camping I used my iron skillet instead of my wok. I heated the peanut oil in the skillet. Meanwhile I beat the 2 eggs in a small bowl. I cooked the eggs in the peanut oil and turned them out onto my cutting board and covered with an inverted bowl (to protect from flying creatures). I added more oil to the skillet and cooked the mushrooms until lightly browned. I added the meat and the green onion and cooked until the meat was heated through. Meanwhile I chopped the eggs. Then I added the rice, the eggs and soy sauce to taste and I cooked and stirred and cooked and stirred some more until all was evenly distributed. This dish served 4 hungry campers quite well.

As I'm writing this it occurs to me that the eggs could be hard boiled at home and them chopped finely and added to the rice. That would make it even easier!

And that is this gal's view for today. Have a wonderful weekend!

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