Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"Real" Desserts

Yesterday while on the quest for organics we ran across some pies. April (dear daughter number 4) asked if we might buy one and I was seriously considering it...until DD started reading the labels...

It started as simply as deciding that the cheery pies which looked delicious were a definite no, as they were sugar free which meant they had artificial sweeteners in them. So I said, "how about the apple pie"? And it was half way into the basket when April said uh-oh, it has high fructose corn syrup and shortening...

Well that was that.

I suggested that we make our own pie. We would use real sugar and good fats.

You can read here about high fructose corn syrup and here and here about good fats.

What's great abut this is seeing how the desire for "real", healthy foods trickles down. April is 16 and now she too is reading labels and desiring to eat better.

And some of you might be saying that pie is not healthy. But I believe that everyone should have some treats in their lives. All things in moderation. And certainly a dessert made with real, fresh ingredients is much better for you than one full of bad fats, HFCS, and artificial colors, flavorings, and preservatives.

So we went home and hit the cookbooks and we will be making our own "real" pie.

I'll be sharing pictures and recipes tomorrow.

And that is this gal's view for today.

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