Monday, June 27, 2011

New Directions

I was a bit absent last week...sorry about that!

I could tell you that life has been so busy that I just didn't have time for writing and yes it has been busy, but I've been away more so because I've been doing some thinking.

Some thinking about the direction of this blog.

That is the great thing about can tweek yourself a bit from time to time. Nothing is set in stone and as life changes around so can your daily accounting of it.

As I mentioned, not so long ago, my purpose here is to tout the benefits of eating real foods. And to show you that it is possible to do so.

Even on a busy schedule and even on a limited budget.

But I did mention something about "kicking it up a notch"...

And that's what I aim to do.

I'm going to take real foods a step further...

I'm going to start exploring the world of traditional foods.

And I'm gong to chart the course of this new journey here, in This Gal's View.

I'm going to explore the why's and the how's of fermented veggies, bone broths, and soaked grains.

I'll be examing the benefits of butter, lard, and coconut oil.

And I'll be anxiouxly sharing all of this new knowledge with you, my gentle reader.

So let the adventure begin!

And that is this gal's view for today.

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