Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Value of Planning

Are you living on a tight schedule? Is your to do list overflowing? Do you find yourself racing from one activity to another?

If your answer is yes then chances are you might be visiting that fast food restaurant on the corner more often than you would like.

Not only is that not a healthy option for your family, but it gets expensive...even that dollar menu can add up.

What you need is a plan!

Every week ask yourself...

What nights this week will I need a quick dinner?
What nights of this week will I have more time to cook that dinner?
How early do I have to be out of the house each morning?
What days will I be home for lunch?
What days will be stay at home days?
What days will be run around days?

Quick dinner nights scream for crock pots in the winter and salads in the summer.

More relaxed nights are the time to roll up your sleeves and do some cooking!

Early mornings call for food on the go.

Lunches at home can take more time.

Lunches away from home demand brown bags and coolers.

Snacks for stay at home days are different than snacks on the go.

So evaluate, look ahead, and plan accordingly!

When you are on the go it is doubly important to pack those lunches and/or snacks, because if you are caught out and find yourself hungry it can only lead to spending money and most likely consuming junk.

And that is this gal's view for today.

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