Friday, June 10, 2011

Breakfast Burritos

Around here we love tortillas and we'll fill them with just about anything.

They are a great way to use leftovers, make for a delicious lunch, and can serve as an on the go, quick breakfast.

I make breakfast burritos for the hubs at least a couple of times a week.

Soemtimes they are as simple as scrambled eggs with salsa and other times, depending on what's in the fridge, I get fancier.

Here's to fancier...

Breakfast Burritos
Dice two slices of bacon and cook until crispy, drain on a paper towel. Cube 1/4 of leftover baked potato and cook in the leftover bacon grease(drain some of the grese if there is too much), salt and pepper to taste. Mix one egg with a bit of milk, until througly mixed and add to potaotes. Add the bacon back in and add some green onions if you happen to have any. Cook the eggs with the potatoes as you would cook scrambled eggs. When done,set pan aside and heat a whole wheat tortilla over the burner. Fold the egg and potato mixture into the tortilla, add some salsa and wrap, burrito style. This makes 1 burrito.

When I make this for the hubs I usually wrap it in foil so it will stay warm and he can take it with him. It is both cheaper and healthier than anything he might pick up while he's out.

And that is this gal's view for today. Have a great weekend!

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