Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Joanne!!

Today is Joanne's birthday.

She is celebrating her 39th year today.

Today she is spending her birthday at a long term acute care hospital.

You see about 2 months ago she suffered from a massive stroke. She was in a coma for awhile and was in the intensive care unit of one hospital before she moved to the long term acute care unit in another hospital. And she will have one more move to make, to a rehab. facility, before she gets goes home.

Two months ago I didn't even know who Joanne was. I happened to read her story on another blog I keep track of and I clicked on her picture and that's when I met her.

I read all about her stroke and the daily updates her husband was posting. And I clicked through her blog and got to know her better. She seems like such a nice lady. Someone I would want to be friends with.

And someone so unlikely to have this happen to her. Of course that brings to mind, who is likely? But she seemed so unlikely. She's young and in good shape and she watches what she eats and she exercises.

I know this because I read it in her blog.

And so I have added Joanne and her family to my prayer list and I have been praying for them ever since. And I have been checking in with her blog on a daily basis keeping track of her progress.

And she is making good progress. Some would say miraculous progress. And so many people are praying for her and checking up on her.

It really is amazing.

In this world that we live in today that sometimes seems so rushed, and callous, and heartless...that so many strangers are praying for people in need.

You see I was also praying for Bizzie.

Bizzie was the sweetest little three year old with a nasty brain tumor and unfortunately she didn't make it. But she had lots of people praying for her. I didn't know her either, but learned about her on Facebook and followed her story for months.

And now there is Mercy. Another sweet little girl whom I have never met, but who needs my prayers.

And her name is also on my prayer list.

So you see there is a positive side to social networking. It can help to connect us with each other at those times when we need help the most. When we need to tell our story. When we need to reach out. And when we need to feel not so all alone in our troubles.

So today I wish Joanne a very happy birthday! Will you wish her one too? And will you click on her picture and read her story and add her to your prayer list?

And while you're at it, will you please add Mercy too?

And that is this gal's view for today.

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