Saturday, February 19, 2011

Today's Journey

Today's journey takes us to a basketball game. April's very small high school (only 7 students in her sophomore class) has a basketball team, imagine that. We are going to drive about 40 minutes away to watch the game and so April can take pictures. She's on the yearbook staff. And then it's off to lunch to use one of my Christmas presents, a gift card to Panera.

We haven't left yet, and I'll wait to publish this so I can let you know how our trip went. I'm looking forward to it. It reminds me of our homeschooling days. We would take a day and adventure out on a pretty regular basis. Just us 3 girls hanging together.

I miss those days. And boy do I treasure those memories. I love my girls and I love our times together!

And what the adventure we had!

First I must give credit where credit is due:

My tomtom, another one of my Christmas presents really saved the day. Being that I am rather directionally challenged a tomtom makes perfect sense for me and we were all glad we had one yesterday. The area we drove to is not at all familiar so we had Mrs. tomtom chart our course for us. I call her Mrs. because of her female voice. And everything was going well and we were almost there when we ran straight into THE END OF THE ROAD and it was CLOSED! And there were no detour signs! I had know idea how to find where we needed to be. But Mrs. tomtom didn't miss a beat. Almost instantaneously our course was reconfigured and we were on our way. And she got us there.

All be it a few minutes late, but that was not her fault. Unfortunately our team didn't do too well. I think the final score was 30 to 8. But as I overheard one of the Dad's saying, "they played their little hearts out". And April got lots of pictures. So success on that end. We stayed for half of the next game (the middle school kids from her school) so she could take more pictures and then we were pretty well famished and needed to be on our way.

The only Panera I knew of was near home. Home was some 40+ minutes away and we were hungry! And I remembered, Mrs. tomtom could probably find us a closer one. And she did! It was only one and a half miles away. So off we went. But something went wrong, I made a wrong turn and Mrs. tomtom asked April (who was navigating her) if we should start over and she said yes, but Mrs. tomtom thought she meant from the previous directions and so before we really realized what was happening we went in a big circle. Okay, that's fine, we restarted her with the Panera information again and we were on our way again...except that I misunderstood a couple of her turns and she kept having to reconfigure us...and let's just say that I think I totally exasperated her. But it was funny, I literally had tears rolling down my cheeks I was laughing so hard. And we did get there. And we had an awesome lunch of broccoli cheese soup and sourdough bread. And then she was able to direct us back home. She did a great job, it was me that kind of messed her up.

So when it was all said and done it had been a fun day. And we made it back home just in time before the heavy rain started. It was, I must say, a good time had by all!

And that is this gal's view for today.

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