Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The "Who" Of It...

Well I was going to link you up to the book "Nourishing Traditions" by Sally Fallon but since I live in the state of California and Amazon has cancelled all of their affliate accounts with those of us who live in California because our wonderful, lovely governer has decided that all California residents should pay sales taxes when they purchase anything from the internet even if it is from another state...well I guess I won't be able to do that now will I?

But I will link you to Nourished Magazine, also by Sally Fallon, where you will find lots of good information.

As I mentioned here I'm about to take my quest for eating real foods to a higher level.

Cultured dairy products, fermented vegetables and fruits, sprouted grains, nuts and seeds, traditional fats and bone stocks...I read all about these a few years ago in Sally Fallon's book and must admit that I was a bit overwhelmed by it all. But now, well, I think I might be ready to tackle it.

I'm by no means claiming to be an expert. This is a journey for me and I'm brand new, but I thought it would be worthwhile to chart my course for all of you.

Together we can learn as I share my experiences with this new way of doing food.

I think it will be kind of fun.

And that is this gal's view for today.

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