Monday, May 2, 2011

Not A Ham Bone Soup Kind Of Day

Last week I attempted to use up all of the leftover Easter Ham.

And I pretty much did!

We took a break from it all over the weekend and tonight was going to be the cru de gra...

But...the sun decided to make an appearance and the mercury has topped 80 so...

My plan for ham bone soup just doesn't seem right anymore.

Actually I knew it yesterday when I looked at the extended forecast for the week and saw that summer was going to give us a tease.

So I cut off as much of the meat as I could and I put that and the bone into a freezer bag with the label "ham bone" and the date. And I shall save it for when the dreary clouds return as they will certainly do, as they always do before summer finally and truly arrives.

And when that day does come I will tell you how I make my ham bone soup, but for now it seems more like a salad kind of day.

I'm going to wait until tomorrow to give you the details because I'm trying a new recipe and I want to work all the kinks out.

So that's all for now...and that is this Gal's view for today.

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