Friday, April 1, 2011

Fabulous Friday

Fabulous Friday...I like that. Maybe I'll turn it into a regular series. I don't know, we'll see.

But what can be fabulous? Other than it is the last day of the week and it ushers in the beloved weekend. Well that's pretty good.

Maybe it's a good day to offer tips.

Tip of the week...maybe...

Let's see...

For this week's tip how about passwords.

How many times have you signed up for an account on some web page or another, determined that you would remember the user name and password you have chosen, only to find out that when you re-log in you are denied access because the user name and password you are remembering turns out to be not the one you chose.

How frustrating is that? And what a time waster!

Well, you say, easy, just choose the same log-in information for each account. Not a good idea some say and not always possible. Different sites often have different requirements. And for security reasons you should not always use the same password.

Well that leads us to this day's tip.

There are two things you can do. I, myself have done both.

1. Keep an address book next to your computer. Whenever you create a new account log the new information into the book. Of course arrange your entries alphabetically by web site name.

2. Create a password folder in word pad. Record all of your needed information there and then it is a simple step to copy and paste.

I like the ease of word pad with copy and paste, but I also like having all of that information in hard copy, just in case my computer crashes. Maybe doing both is a good idea. What do you think?

And that is this gal's view for today.

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